Lead your church to enhanced success with the traits of a phenomenal, Christian leader. 

How good are your inter-personal skills? How are you affecting the morale in your staff and volunteers? What are you doing each day to inspire your people? Is the stress in your job about to overwhelm you?

With personalized development as a church leader, you will

  • Experience new life and passion in your position

  • Learn how to inspire your people to succeed

  • Manage your work-life balance

  • Set good boundaries in life and work

  • Learn how to focus on organizational needs and vision needs

  • Strategically move your people to the place you want

  • Learn how to speak with power, precision, and persuasion

  • Identify the perfect people to work with

  • Learn how to deal with problem people

  • Identify and develop your strengths

  • Overcome anxieties and set backs

  • Learn how to lead churches who have been wounded by previous ministers

Are you leading your people each day based on a deliberate strategy designed for the future, or are you in "cruise control" or survival mode? Are your people able to see how what they do fits into the vision?

With personalized partnership with your church, you will

  • Develop and implement your church's unique vision

  • Develop strategies that propel your church to desired goals

  • Learn how to form and maintain healthy Christian small groups

  • Move from survival mode to strategic growth

  • Transform your sermons to reach the newest generations

  • Develop a discipleship vision and method that actually works

  • Assist in consolidation and cost cutting when needed

  • Develop work environments where people feel energized

  • Increase clarity and staff alignment

  • Develop plans that help your people cope with change

  • Align values and mission between leaders



What format?

Keynote Address
Staff Development
Group Training
One-on-one training



Consulting fees are not billed by the hour but by the value delivered for each idiosyncratic situation. Dr. Pendergrass will chat with you to discover your particular objectives and goals.


Keynote Speaking Possibilities for your Church

Biblical Topics

  • How to read the Bible as the authors intended

  • How to read Revelation

  • How to read a Gospel

  • How to understand a parable

  • How to read the Old Testament

  • How to apply the Bible to my situation

  • How to understand ancient context and why it's crucial

  • The central key to understanding the ministry of Jesus

  • How to read Paul correctly

  • How to defend your faith (see my book on this subject for a wide variety of topics)

  • How to respond to skeptics

Healthy Relationships

  • What every engaged couple should know

  • How to have perfect communication

  • How to reinvigorate your marriage

  • How to have healthy boundaries in life

  • How to raise phenomenal children

  • How to be what your children need as they grow

  • How to trust again

  • How to forgive

  • How to resolve a conflict

  • How to work well with co-workers

  • How to control your thoughts (TA, CBT)

  • How to love your neighbor as yourself

  • How to form and accomplish a vision

  • How to change

  • How to make friends and bond with people

  • How to grieve well and help others who grieve

Church Leaders

  • How to preach the perfect sermon

  • Understanding discipleship and how to help others do it

  • How to form and maintain healthy small groups

  • How to form a music ministry that aligns with your mission and vision

  • Coping with the fallout of a "fallen" minister or tyrant