It's time to lead your organization to enhanced success with the traits of a phenomenal leader. 

How good are your inter-personal skills? How are you affecting the morale in your organization? What are you doing each day to inspire your people? Is the stress in your job about to overwhelm you?

With personalized development as a leader, you will

  • Experience new life and passion in your position

  • Learn how to inspire your people to succeed

  • Manage your work-life balance

  • Set good boundaries in life and work

  • Strategically move your people to the place you want

  • Learn how to speak with power, precision, and persuasion

  • Identify the perfect people to work with

  • Learn how to deal with problem people

  • Identify and develop your strengths

  • Overcome anxieties and set backs 

Are you leading your people each day based on a deliberate strategy designed for the future, or are you in "cruise control" or survival mode? Are your people able to see how what they do fits into the vision?

With personalized partnership with your organization, you will

  • Improve upon what you're already doing well and exceed limits

  • Increase the value of your organization by forming strategies that propel the company

  • Identify and change group habits that are limiting productivity

  • Decrease turnover rate and increase morale

  • Assist in consolidation and cost cutting when needed

  • Develop work environments where people feel energized and part of a family

  • Increase clarity and staff alignment

  • Develop plans that help organizations change

  • Align values and mission between leaders



What format?

Keynote Address
Staff Development
Group Training
One-on-one training



Consulting fees are not billed by the hour but by the value delivered for each idiosyncratic situation. Dr. Pendergrass will chat with you to determine your particular objectives and goals.