Develop the character of a healthy individual who can handle life's demands.

What is Life Coaching?

How do I deal with stress? How do I deal with anxiety? How do I deal with anger? How do I deal with depression? These are very common questions asked by everyone.

Imagine for a second: What would it be like

  • to cope appropriately with stress, anxiety, and to meet life’s demands?

  • to set invigorating, realistic goals for your life?

  • to discover and understand your God-given strengths?

  • to discover your deep values and learn how to make decisions based on what you value (and not what other people think you should value)?

  • to learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries and relationships?

  • to live your life feeling fulfilled and on purpose?

Life Coaching helps you realize these dreams. Most people want coaching results in three areas: performance goals (e.g., improving sales numbers), learning goals (e.g., improving communication skills), or fulfillment goals (e.g., achieving better work-life balance). As your Life Coach, I will become your strategic partner in your growth. My goal is not to solve your problems, but to help you develop the necessary tools so that you can solve any problems you face throughout life. (My goal is to teach you "how to fish," not to give you fish and make you dependent.)

What should I expect?

  • First, read over this page. Second, let's chat and see if we're a great fit. Third, if we are a great fit, we commence with life-transforming coaching. We have sessions, up to one hour, at the frequency that fits you best (2-4 sessions per month produces the best results). If we can't meet in person, no worries: we can do effective life coaching via video conferencing or even over the phone. I don't offer coaching via email (email is only for small things, like quick check-ups and accountability). There is no "typical" Life Coaching experience because each person comes with different obstacles or goals in life. I partner with each person individually once I learn what you want.

Are we a great fit?

  • Maybe. . . We need to chat to figure that out. But first, be sure to read the first question above. Is that what you need? For example, do you need a partner in creating healthy relationships, healthy communication, discovering your deep values and personality traits and making choices based on these? Do you like to laugh and enjoy the process? Then yes, you and I would be a great fit. 

  • Maybe not. . .Do you suffer from serious mental disorders that require medication and consistent therapy? Are you anti-religious? Do you make excuses for your behavior and blame your situation on everyone else? Do you think that it's my job to do your work for you or to give you constant counsel? Then we won't be a good fit at all. Life coaching is not therapy or an hour of advice. Our work together will focus on getting positive results for the future and it will only be successful if you're willing to take full responsibility and get to work

When and How do I pay?

  • After you and I have chatted and both agree that we'll be a great fit, we schedule our first session and you pay up front for the package. You purchase the package on my Products page.

Is there a refund? What if I have to cancel?

  • If you can't make an appointment, I must be notified at least 24 hours in advance or the session is counted. If you need to reschedule, no problem. Your package is still active for 12 months from your first session. I don't refund packages.


What is a fulfilling life worth to you? 

One Hit Wonder



1 session (up to 90 mins)

Personalized life coaching for your most pressings needs



4 one-hour sessions

Personalized life coaching for your particular needs and goals

Perfect for people who need help on one or two obstacles

Figure out what drains you of energy and what gives you energy

We might have time to discover your personality strengths and values

Email support (short encouragements/reminders/check-ups when needed)


8 one-hour sessions

Personalized life coaching for your particular needs and goals

Get "unstuck" in life

Identify and overcome your obstacles

Perfect for people for those who want to dig deep and have their life coaching methods last a life time

Figure out what drains you of energy and what gives you energy

Discover your particular personality type

Gain clarity on your values and learn how to live life based on them

Email support (short encouragements/reminders/check-ups when needed)

Receive occasional advice from my expertise in leadership, relationships, or theological topics

Role-play and practice difficult conversations you need to have