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Do you want a thriving, healthy marriage?

Marriages can be profoundly fulfilling and joyful; marriages can be terribly demanding and stressful. Why do some marriages last a lifetime? It's not magic; it's not luck; it's not due to the alignment of the stars or your horoscope. Healthy marriages that last a lifetime are built on healthy, foundational principles and habits. The engaged and newly married need to build their marriage on healthy principles to sustain them for life. Those who have been married for years often need to rebuild their marriage in various ways to sustain them for life. A Love That Endures is a workshop retreat for the engaged and married that gives you the real-world, applicable tools that you need to have a healthy marriage for life. Dr. Pendergrass will lead six workshops that will cover absolute foundational aspects of a healthy marriage. Each workshop will include a time of discussion afterwards for application. Sessions will cover topics such as:

  • How healthy couples define their marriage

  • How healthy couples maintain and enjoy individuality

  • How healthy couples use their past to support their marriage

  • How healthy couples communicate

  • How healthy couples argue

  • How healthy couples build trust and heal from betrayal

  • How healthy couples enjoy sex

  • How healthy couples have the Christian worldview as their foundation

  • And other crucial topics

Dynamic interaction   Research-based information   Engaging presentations   Practical wisdom

Have a good relationship? Get refocused and take it to the next level.

Have some problems in your relationship? Get the practical, life-changing help you need.

Here is a typical schedule (though each church can adjust times to fit their idiosyncratic needs):


6:00-9:00pm Introduction

Healthy Belief #1, #2, #3


9:00-10:30am Healthy Belief #4, #5

10:30-12:00 Healthy Habit #1, #2

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Healthy Habit #2, #3

3:00-5:00 Healthy Habit #4, #5


Does your church or organization need a marriage workshop? Contact Dr. Pendergrass now to book a fantastic, engaging workshop on healthy, Christian marriage.