How to Read The Bible For All Its Worth (2nd ed.) Playlist

This is 12-part series which provides an overview of the book by the same name. It was recorded when the book was in its second edition. It is now in its 4th, which means the page numbers and some quotes I give are now out-of-date. The workbook I reference is not for sale, sorry. This study gives an excellent overview of how to read the Bible well.

Most people in the West are generally ignorant of Islam, outside of what is heard on the news. In this quick overview, I cover some essential aspects of Islam and compare Muhammad to Jesus.

What is the Trinity? Playlist

The Christian concept of Trinity is perhaps the most misconceived tenet of Christianity. In this overview of Trinity, we'll explore the origins of Trinity and exactly what it means within orthodox Christianity in "plain" language.

How do I deal with loss? How do I grieve? Playlist

Everyone gets sad. Everyone struggles with loss. How do we process pain and trauma?

What is forgiveness? How do I do it? Playlist

There is so much misinformation on what it means to forgive. “Forgive and forget” and other quick phrases don’t work in the real world for serious offenses, not to mention the Christian worldview offers a much better presentation of what it means to forgive.

A study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians Playlist

An in-depth study of these very primitive and crucial documents in the ancient church with modern application given.

What is Morality? How do I know what is good in a Christian worldview? Playlist

In modern Western culture the idea that some things are truly right and some things are truly wrong is becoming more radical. What does Christianity teach about right and wrong actions and how to choose them?


Why I Know Christianity is True Playlist

For a large portion of people, believing in Christianity (or just a God) requires evidence and good reasons. We should be able to offer such reasons and evidence. In this short overview, I give the reasons why I know that Christianity is true.