"Can Christians play Pokemon Go?" -- My Response

Hi, thank for your time.

There is a hot debate among Christians regarding the game Pokemon Go. Usually one of the concerns that some Christians have against this game is some of the Characters in the pokemon world. Some will say that some characters are demons or spirits based from Japanese folklore or has some connection with the occult. Others have said that every person's situation is different. Every person's heart is different. One person may be able to play a certain game with no ill effects while someone else might play the same game and become obsessed. We must each ask God for wisdom about our individual situations and what is best for us. There is no blanket rule when it comes to playing video games. Therefore perception is required here like certain movies,video games,clothing apparel,etc... Like to hear how other Christians feel about this and how you deal with these issues when there is a disagreement with other Christians? Thank you 

Thanks for the question. I’ve never heard people oppose that game, so this is new to me.

Can Christians be involved with things that are associated with foreign beliefs or religions (like yoga, or Halloween, or certain movies or video games)? The NT gives different responses depending on the what the association does to the Christian. On the one hand, if we are associated with something that causes us to worship other gods, then it should be abandoned. This was called “idolatry.” This is what’s going on in Acts 15:20; 1 Cor 5:11; 6:9; 10:7, 14, etc. However, if we are get involved with something that is associated with other gods/religious ideas, but we do not worship them, then that depends on the person’s conscience. That is, if a person isn’t tempted to worship other gods because of what she’s doing, then it’s OK if your conscience says it’s OK. This is what’s going on in 1 Cor. 8. I encourage you to read those texts for yourself.

So, I think it depends on whether or not playing Pokemon Go causes you to worship other gods or do something immoral. If it doesn’t, I see nothing wrong with doing it based on the New Testament.

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