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I have known Dr. Pendergrass for over 5 years and have had the pleasure of attending his Boundaries class three times. Through his easy-to-understand teaching style, the Boundaries class positively changed the way I view relationships from a professional and personal level. I used to be frightened and nervous to address co-workers with a “confrontational” issue. Now, I am not anxious when addressing stressful or awkward situations. I highly recommend Dr. Pendergrass as a professional consultant or life coach! It will change your life.
— Jeff, Supply Chain Manager at Amercable, Houston, Texas
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. David Pendergrass for about 8 years. He has helped me through some difficult times in my life when I was struggling with both personal and spiritual issues. He provided great insight and sound Biblical advice that helped reaffirm my faith and guide me through some challenging times. A few years later, I’m proud to say that he was the minister to unite my husband and I in marriage. He met with us for several sessions of pre-marital counseling to help prepare us for the committment we were making to God, each other, and our families. David has a wealth of Biblical knowledge, an incredible understanding of human psychology and spirituality, and a witty sense of humor to boot. :)
— Mindy, MA, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor, Cypress, TX
Dr. Pendergrass truly made a difference in my life when I attended one his Boundaries classes. His class helped me set the boundaries that needed to be set, they helped me build better relationships in the family, as well as professionally.
— Lou, Landman at Ky-Cam Services Co. LLC, Houston, TX
I say today I have the best children I know. That is true; however, I don’t believe it would have turned out so positively without the wisdom and life coaching from Dr. David Pendergrass. Over the last 10 years, through classes, bible studies, small groups and one-on-one coaching, I have gained knowledge, understanding and skills to make better choices. My better choices have impacted my children in so many ways. As a single mother of two, I firmly believe that the coaching from Dr. Pendergrass to me and my children has made an eternal difference in our lives. We are healthier mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our family has a deep gratitude for the blessing of the Pendergrass family in our lives. My daughter, who was 12 when we first met David Pendergrass, will be getting married next year at 23. Her choice of pre-marriage counseling? Dr. David Pendergrass.

Dr. Pendergrass has always been professional, ethical and honest in his work. If you are looking for “truth,” be prepared to hear it. His level of education and life experiences combine to give him insight and wisdom to speak truth in love. He has always been gracious and kind, but not afraid to speak truth even when it is hard to hear. The ability to give life coaching to adults and young adults alike, meeting each on their level is a quality that enhances his ability to help families.

As a business owner, I have received wise input from Dr. Pendergrass on crossing the chasms that have arisen from the ever changing technology and methodology of how business operate in this increasingly complicated economic atmosphere. Wise time management skills, assessments and financial planning were crucial in helping me be successful.

If you have interpersonal relationship problems, parenting problems, forgiveness issues, bad boundaries, financial woes, trauma and grief, poor time management, poor communications skills, suffering, spiritual yearnings then feel confident of wise counsel from Dr. David Pendergrass.
— Angela, Software Specialist at Niche Software, Houston, TX
My wife and I struggled for years with serious issues in our marriage. Dr. Pendergrass helped us redefine and structure our marriage in such a way that we now enjoy a healthy committed relationship. We felt supported and left each session with new found hope and direction for our relationship. Thank you, David!
— Leonard, Houston, TX
Dr. David Pendergrass is one of the brightest people I have ever met. He combines an excellent mind with a deep compassion and care for others, and this combination makes him an outstanding coach, teacher and analyst. He can think clearly about either short term, immediate challenges, or long term, strategic ones, and with this ability can bring clarity to the often overlapping issues people and organizations regularly face. Sometimes the difficulties are interpersonal, sometimes a lack of structural clarity, sometimes role confusion, sometimes spiritual or emotional, and so on and on. Too often, the resources we have available in the face of challenges and opportunities are limited to only one aspect of life or another. Dr. Pendergrass brings insight and practical tools to help which can apply to every dimension of the often confusing issues before us.

Dr. Pendergrass has been deeply helpful to us as a teacher of the Bible, of life principles, of family systems, of workplace effectiveness, and of general help for living fully with joy. He has lead our ministry teams in achieving much greater clarity about their goals, and aligning their structures and individual responsibilities to more successfully achieve those goals. And through it all he has been an encourager, helping countless individuals on a personal level to embrace more fully God’s plan and potential for their lives.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Dr. David Pendergrass to you, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
— Dr. Steve Wende, Senior Pastor, First Methodist Houston, Houston, TX
Over the course of my time in the church, member participation in small groups has been steadily low. Under the guidance of Dr. Pendergrass, member participation in small groups has greatly increased. Dr. Pendergrass has led the congregation through an in-depth understanding of a Christian’s role as a leader and disciple of Christ. In as much as the lives of the adults in our church have been transformed, so have the Youth and Children’s Ministries. David works fervently to equip leaders with relevant, solid, doctrinal lesson plans that are easily adaptable to all ages and stages of the Christian faith. His strategies have led to uniformity and connectivity within the church.

Dr. Pendergrass has modeled respect and dignity for all people through his servant’s heart. I am grateful to have him as a highly knowledgeable source from which to draw techniques and strategies to grow in my faith. He has been a tremendous mentor to my personal family and church family. My family and I have been greatly inspired by David’s testimony and love for Jesus.

I applaud Dr. Pendergrass for his service to people. I highly recommend him for your organization’s needs. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you further questions or information regarding my experience with Dr. Pendergrass and his work.
— Zulma, Parent Stars Manager at Children's Museum of Houston