Afraid to Fail?

Are you afraid to fail?

Don’t be. The whole world isn’t actually on your shoulders; it’s on God’s. You don’t actually have THAT much control of your situation; God does. You can’t actually mess things up THAT badly; God doesn’t need you to do things flawlessly for His will to be accomplished.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Give up trying. Take that yoke off of your neck. Let go of that anxiety. Breathe. Trust God. Tell God that at least for one day (or one hour or one minute), you are deciding not to rely on your ability to say everything “just right” or act “just right” or be “just right.” Only God is “just right.” Rest in Him. Trust that no matter what mistakes you make, God can clean up any situation.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t let your mind even go there. Stop trying. You’ll never be funny enough. You’ll never be pretty or handsome enough. You’ll never be smart enough. You’ll never practice boundaries perfectly. God doesn’t need perfection. He needs you. He just needs you, right now, as you are. He likes cleaning up messes. He likes making beautiful things out of ashes.

Don’t be afraid to fail.